Monday, January 4, 2010

Prompts 4: Avoidance

Suppose I should make it a little clearer - we were given 35 prompts - each story is supposed to be exactly 200 words. I created my own mini-verse so that all 35 are related. Unfortunately, they're not going to be done in order.

4: Avoidance

He doesn’t visit his sister often. Oh, he takes her to dinner, a movie, or has her over to his house, but he avoids going inside her house whenever possible. It’s not that Jonas doesn’t love Callie, he adores the brat, but he doesn’t agree with the choices she’s made.

Callie’s so much smarter than he’ll ever be. Even if she wasn’t his sister, he’d have recruited her for his private intelligence and security, mercenary if he’s going to be blunt about it, agency. She’s a chameleon with the gift for reading people and squirming out of tight spots. She could have been the best of the very best. She could have toppled regimes with nothing more than a bright smile and the crook of her finger.

And she gave it all up for bake sales, soccer practice, and domesticity. For a child who doesn’t share a drop of Callie’s blood and a man who has never looked at her with anything more than friendship in his eyes. It hurts to see so much wasted potential.

“I’m still saving the world,” she tells him after he’s drunkenly confessed his sins. “I’ve just changed my definition of the world. That’s all.”

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