Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Prompt 32: Idolatry

#32 - Idolatry

To a twenty year old Callie Quinn, Micah Harkness is a god. He instantly replaces her brother as her idol. Cool under pressure, smooth and with a swagger that sets her pulse racing, he’s James Bond, Indiana Jones, and every other hero she’s ever had rolled into one stunning package.

When he offers to help her with her hand-to-hand, it’s like she’s died and gone to Heaven. She pesters him with questions about assignments and his time with the military. He answers each one patiently and never treats her like the annoying, buzzing fly she knows she can be.

She’s at the office when he comes in, bullet hole in his shoulder and face mottled with bruises, for a debriefing. Her brother lets her sit in on it. Rather than turn her off the idea of joining the family business, it cements her decision. And elevates Micah’s pedestal even higher.

Micah is her hero, she tells Jonas one night after too many sake bombs and not enough egg rolls. She swears that nothing in the universe is ever going to tarnish his perfect image.

Ten years later, she wishes she’d listened when Jonas told her that sometimes even gods falter.

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