Thursday, January 7, 2010

Prompt #11: A Promise Kept

#11 - A Promise Kept

Irony, Micah learns, is deciding that you want to make a go of your marriage only to have your wife forget ever saying, ‘I do.’” It’s busting your butt in the worst hellholes in the world to keep your family safe back home only to have them attacked in a mall parking lot.

Standing at the window in Jonas’ office, Micah watches Callie, who still has the line from his ring on her finger though she never remembers wearing it, talk animatedly with another agent. He hasn’t seen her smile that way, the smile that starts at the lips and ends with twinkling eyes, in years. She looks lighter, brighter, and fourteen years younger. The same fourteen years she lost. That she’s been married to him.

Callie promised to protect his daughter with her life. She took a bullet meant for Jenna and nearly left her brains splattered on the parking lot floor. She kept her promise and the price was her memory.

On the flight home, Micah made a promise to finally give Callie everything she deserves. It’s time he keeps his promise. He turns to Jonas with dark, stormy eyes.

“Don’t tell her. She’s better off like this.”

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