Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Prompt 15: Bereft

#15 - Bereft

All Jenna knows is that one minute she and Callie are arguing about miniskirts and the next she’s being shoved under a silver BMW while Callie slinks off like a jungle cat in jeans and a pink hoodie. Jenna calls her Uncle Joe, though she can’t tell him more than, “Just get here NOW!” She stays curled in her hiding spot until Uncle Joe bends down and offers his hand.

She ignores the steely-eyed agents scouring the area and the approaching sirens. She’s got to find Callie. It was such a stupid fight and her chest burns with the need to tell Callie that she didn’t mean a single, hateful word.
Twenty feet from the BMW, Jenna spots the strap of Callie’s purse. Flecks of drying blood stain the purse. Jenna tentatively rounds the bumper of a black Hummer and falls to her knees.

Dark ribbons of blood form gruesome highlights in Callie’s blonde hair. With trembling fingers, Jenna feels along Callie’s neck for a pulse. Finding none, she cradles Callie’s head in her lap. Hot tears trickle down her cheeks and splash onto Callie’s forehead.

“She won’t wake up, Uncle Joe. M-m-my Mom. You have to help my Mommy.”

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