Monday, November 19, 2012


I have to be honest.  For a few weeks I feared that I was never going to get Mistress of Malice and Mercy finished.  I started a new job in June (this was after quitting my job of nearly 11 years in March and working a "transition" job for a few months), and I started taking a few classes in September.  Add to that the volunteer World War II transcriptions I do for my grandfather and a museum here in Texas plus the other side projects I talk myself in to and I was feeling pretty overwhelmed. 

I couldn't give up on it, though.  I love Duke and Viola so much, and they have been a part of my life for almost five years now.  I knew how the story (and the series) were supposed to end, but I couldn't take that final step to get there. 

I am so happy that it is out there for all of you to enjoy that I can't stop grinning.  Fortunately, my coworkers know what a dork I am.  Daughter of Deception and The Chaos Child went through minor revamps to match the format of MMM, as well.

To celebrate, I am giving away 5 copies of the entire series (PDF only) and 10 copies of Mistress of Malice and Mercy (PDF only).  I will randomly draw a name from commenters who can answer this question:  What is Viola's middle name (the answer can be found in the backstories on the blog, especially the one from December 1983.  Hint:  think Greek).

Contest Ends 11/30/12.

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mistress of Malice and Mercy

It is a year overdue, but it is up at Amazon and I am working on BN & Smashwords.  If you are having a hard time with it and want it in PDF, just shoot me an email.

Thank all of you for sticking with me throughout all of this.  Y'all are truly amazing.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A view from the end

Mistress of Malice and Mercy is done.

Yes, you read that right.  It's done.  All I'm waiting on is the cover art (Viola will be on the cover of this one... I'm so excited and nervous I can hardly stand it) and a few final edits.

To celebrate with y'all (since I can't pour you each a glass of the wonderful Texas red wine I'll have tonight), I'm posting a snippet from the last chapter.

But first... I struggled with how I wanted to end this story because it is the end of the series.  I worried about making it dramatic and final, but when the time came to actually write the chapter, it was so much easier than I feared.  It comes back to how it started:  a guy, a girl, and a pack of demons. 

- - -

“Who do we have to kill?” Duke murmured in her ear.

“A pack of Nverns,” Viola said, reading the messages on her screen.

The duvet lifted.  Cold air wafted over her back and chest.  Duke’s head loomed over hers.  “How in the hell did a pack of Nverns get your phone number?” 

 “I think the better question would be how they managed to use the phone,” she countered, wriggling her fingers at him.  “They have crab claws, remember?”

Duke flopped down beside her, shoving her head to the edge of the pillow.  “Who do we know brave enough to interrupt our vacation?”  He scrubbed a hand over his face.  “The vacation we made very, very clear that we earned.”
“Tom.  He says there’s a pack of Nverns nearby.   The Trackers in the area aren’t equipped to deal with them.”
Duke scowled at the ceiling.  “How does Tom know where we are?  I thought we made him promise not to try to locate us?  You even had that ridiculous pinky-swearing ceremony.”

Viola wriggled guiltily.  She and Duke had agreed to limit their access to technology, but she was so behind on her emails that the thought of falling even further into the hole made her skin crawl.  She’d taken advantage of every moment alone and scrolled through her inbox, reading important emails and deleting spam messages.


“There may or may not be a website devoted to  Chaos Child sightings.  It may or may not have been started by that nice Grakken couple we helped in El Paso.  Tom may or may not have emailed me the link four days ago.”

“I may or may not kick your ass,” Duke growled, rolling over to pin her arms to the mattress.

“Pack of Nverns,” she reminded, though she was tempted to let him try.  She ran her toes along the back of his calf, chuckled when his pupils dilated and a growl rumbled in his chest.  “I brought my new pants.”

“And the vest?”

“Yup.”  She reached up to trace the curve of his lips.  “In the unlikely event you manage to kill more Nverns than I do, I’ll show you what it looks like without the t-shirt underneath.”

“You’re on.”

Before she could blink, he was off the bed and headed for the small closet.  Her Giivva hide pants landed on the bed followed a second later by the matching vest.  The soles of her heavy black boots thunked against the wooden floor when Duke set them beside the bed.