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Family Lies Series
Book One:  Daughter of Deception

Daddy’s little girl.

That’s what clairvoyant Viola Ashwood has been her entire life. She wouldn’t mind quite so much if her father hadn’t been possessed by a powerful, and nasty, demon nearly a decade earlier. After recovering from a horribly tragic confrontation with Daddy Dearest, Viola wants nothing more than to get back in to the federally-funded but privately run demon-hunting Network. Duke, her brother’s ex-best friend and the guy she’s crushed on since she was six, stands in her way. As Network regional head, Duke’s got plenty of reasons for keeping Viola out of his region, and that’s before he considers the fact that her father’s on the Network’s most wanted list

Just when Duke grudgingly allows Viola into the Network, Daddy Dearest, still possessed and more obsessed with Viola than ever, reappears. While trying to stay one step ahead of the demon, Viola struggles to overcome fears about her surprise demonic heritage while learning to control her new abilities. Especially the one that has her raising zombie squirrels in the middle of the afternoon. Together, Duke and Viola deal with dangerous demons, centuries of family secrets, and a mysterious link that may bind them together for life.

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Book Two:  The Chaos Child

After nearly killing herself weakening her demonic father, all Viola Ashwood wants to do is relax with Duke and deal with the demons in their region of the Network. Her plans are ruined when her brother arrives with terrible news: their sister is missing. When demons start spouting prophecy about the Child of Chaos, Viola isn’t the least surprised. It’s turning out to be that kind of year.

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Book Three:  Mistress of Malice and Mercy

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Free Supplemental:

Glide Like Ghosts

Selected backstories (prequels) into the lives of Duke, Viola, Sebastian, Olivia, Gerard, and Alicia.
When demon hunting is all you know, normal can be hard to define. A glimpse into life in the Ashwood-Burke and Duke families. A prequel to 'Daughter of Deception.'

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If Daughter of Deception was purchased through Amazon, you will find Glide Like Ghosts as a supplement at the end.