Saturday, February 28, 2009


So... I've been a little lazy when it comes to updating.
Sorry 'bout that.
Life has, as I'm sure it has for millions of other people, become a lot more stressful lately.
The problem with working in a business that deals with new construction is that when new construction declines, so does your business. Let's just say it's not pretty.

JT and I are both doing as okay as we can, though, so that's a good thing.
Belle's still her bratty self.
Chit, unfortunately, gave in to old age last month. I really miss my little mouse.

I've been writing some - gave my self a break from NaCl and started a newer series - Love's Old Song. It's written in a style similar to NaCl but focuses more on a romantic relationship rather than just a friendship - okay, let's be honest, it's my way of getting out all those lovey-dovey scenes that popped into my head while writing NaCl. I'll post info on Love's Old Song once I get it somewhere easily accessible.

I've even finished two chapters of the main story along with 2 drabbles for the Companion-verse.

Last weekend we went down to Alice to see my grandparents - it was Grandpa Misenhimer's 80th birthday. ALL of Dad's family was there. It was nice for JT to meet them and for me to see them again. I really like my cousin's wife and, let me just say that after spending a weekend with them, I feel so very short. What do they feed those boys up in Indiana? Miracle-Gro?

Made the best white chocolate-chip/macadamia nut cookies and chocolate-cherry bars. JT printed the recipe for me from where ever he found it online but it was on the back of the cake mix box! I followed the instructions but didn't frost the bars with chocolate icing - I was afraid that it would make them too sweet and they turned out just fine without it. Had a minor scare when I didn't have enough Crisco for the cookies, but I mixed in a little extra butter and it all worked out.

Quiet weekend planned now - a few errands and then it's relaxation for as long as possible.