Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Prompts #16 & #29

16: Alterations

Almost as soon as the neurologist has finished his report, Jonas Quinn’s brain kicks in to high gear. The overprotective big-brother part of him is still aching over seeing his baby sister so frail and lifeless both back in the parking lot and here in the hospital. Thinking like the hard-ass owner of one of the world’s leading soldier-for-hire agencies is easier.

He’s lost, hopefully only temporarily, a senior analyst. As Callie doesn’t remember anything from the past fourteen years, he’ll have to reassign all her current projects. She can’t take on any new projects because politics and regimes have changed since her last clear memory. She’s still absolutely brilliant, though, and he’d be a fool to not find a place for her.

He’s lost a field merc, too. Micah won’t go anywhere until the threat against his daughter’s been contained. Not that Jonas blames him any for that. His sister was the one shot, after all. The assignments Jonas has scheduled for Micah will have to be reassigned.

Head aching at the thought of all the extra work this shooter’s suddenly given him, Jonas wouldn’t mind be locked in a small room with him for an hour or two.

29: Forsaken

Jenna listens to her father and Uncle Jonas talk about traumatic brain injuries, temporary amnesia, and swelling, but all she hears is “forgot.” As in, Callie’s forgotten ever being her mother. This is her fault, isn’t it? It’s punishment for all the times she argued with Callie and told her that she wasn’t her real mother.

“W-w-will her memory come back?” Jenna squeezes her father’s hand though her eyes are on her uncle. She knows that her father will lie to her if he thinks it will protect her, but Uncle Joe isn’t like that. He understands that the truth hurts, but it’s better than lies.

“No one knows, kiddo. Could come back tomorrow, next week, or never. We just need to be patient and give Callie time.”

Jenna nods. She can do that. Though she really wants to barge into Callie’s room with a photo album to remind Callie of their summer vacations at South Padre Island or the time Callie chaperoned the school trip to San Antonio, she’ll wait.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart. We’ll be okay.” Micah affectionately ruffles his daughter’s hair.

“I know, Dad.” Jenna smiles back, proving that she can lie just as well as her father.

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  1. great prompts as usual :)
    and yay! i hope you guys have a good train ride! let me know how it goes for sure.