Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mistress of Malice and Mercy Teaser #2

Another bit of a conversation between Duke and Viola:

"How was the ‘port?” she asked, sinking against his solid heat. Bickering with Duke always lifted her spirits.

Breach-magic fueled teleports weren’t a new concept, but theirs was different. Matching tattoos under their wedding rings directed the energy so that the teleport always took one straight to the other’s side. It was useful in emergencies. Neither had grown used to being yanked out of one place and dumped in another.

“Dizzying as always.” Duke retreated so there was a sliver of space between them. He lifted her chin so she was forced to meet his eyes. “Are we going to talk about this army thing, or are we going to two-step around it all day?”

“I never liked doing the two-step.”

“That’s because you refuse to let your partner lead. You’re doing a damn fine job of avoiding the topic, sugar.”

Viola sighed, slumped forward with her forehead resting against his shoulder. “Elrachaim’s got an army; we don’t. What is there to talk about?”

By the way, are you following the Daughter of Deception blog tour? It's full of excerpts, interviews, reviews, and giveaways. At the end, I'll give away an e-copy of both Daughter of Deception and The Chaos Child. I'd send a copy of MMM along with it, but trust me you wouldn't enjoy it in its current state.

Here's today's interview with The Bookish Snob:

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