Thursday, February 18, 2010

Prompts: The Final Three

I didn't actually forget about these (again). Just... temporarily misplaced my file (between a sudden upswing at work, a surprise (to me) TCEQ inspection, and TCC craziness, it's not that much of a shock).

These are the final parts of the prompt.

9: Patience

It isn’t until Pete’s actually arrived that Micah regrets inviting him to the island. He knows the other man needs to unwind after over a year in Afghanistan, but Micah’s rapidly running out of patience.

“Sorry, man. This is your last beer.” Pete twists off the cap and drops it to the ground. Micah immediately scoops it up. It’s a weekday so the pool area isn’t crowded, but Micah’s learned to respect the home owner’s association’s rules. Sitting through two extremely boring board meetings will do that to a person.

“That’s okay.” It’s not, but Micah can drink soda until he can make a run to the corner store.

“Oh, man. She’s a little on the small side, but that girl’s hot.”

Micah’s eyes follow Pete’s. He chokes on a mouthful of soda and hits Pete. “That’s my daughter!

“Sorry, man.” Pete doesn’t sound apologetic. “You shouldn’t let her run around in that bathing suit.”

Whatever Micah wants to say is cut off when Pete practically shouts, in rather crude detail, his appreciation for the ‘smokin’ hot babe’ that catches his attention next. This time, Micah doesn’t hold back when he elbows Pete in the gut.

“That one’s my wife.

27: Pink

Callie’s legs give out just as she reaches the edge of the bathtub. She blows out a shaky breath and bends so that her head is between her knees. The blood rushing to her face does little for her headache, though it does help with the dizziness.

“Mom?” Jenna knocks sharply on the door. She turns the handle but the door is locked. “Are you okay, Mom? Should I get Dad?”

Callie opens her mouth to respond, to tell Jenna that she’s just fine, but all that comes out is a small squeak. The hurried pounding of bare feet on hardwood is followed shortly by heavier footfalls. Great. Micah won’t let a little thing like a door keep him out.

“Jenn says you’ve been in there a while. She’s really worried. I’m coming in, sweetheart.”

Callie hears Micah pick the lock, but can’t move. She looks up when the door swings open and offers up a watery smile.

Micah starts towards his wife, but something on the vanity catches his eye. The three white sticks lined up are familiar. So are the pink plus signs.

Jenna hovers uncertainly in the doorway, vase of pink roses in hand. “Happy Mothers’ Day?”

20: Imagination

“It’s one of those tests shrinks give, isn’t it? Where the picture you see tells them if you’re a psycho or not, right?” Blake Schmitt, Jenna’s oldest friend, holds the small picture up to the light to try and get a better look.

“Nah,” Jenna grabs the picture from Blake’s hand and sets it back on the table. “I don’t think so, at least. Maybe Mom was trying to print a picture and ran out of ink. I can see a few shapes. It might be a person.”

“Dude, your mom’s got weird taste in artwork.”

Jenna slugs Blake’s shoulder. “No she doesn’t. And don’t call me ‘dude.’”

“I think I heard her car pull up. We can always just ask her.” Blake’s always liked his best friend’s step-mother. Callie doesn’t mind that he spends more time at their house than his. “I bet it’s one of those 3-D pictures where the image comes out if you stare at it long enough.”

“You are such a dork.” Jenna holds the picture up for Callie as soon as the older woman steps inside the kitchen. “Hey, Mom. Tell Blake this isn’t one of those psych test things.”

“That’s your little sister.”

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