Monday, February 1, 2010

Prompts #28 & #7/#8

Two for one deal with prompts 7 & 8 - I combined them for a 400 word piece. Bending the rules is fun! Story, such as it is, is coming to a close.

28: Chase the Storm
Callie shivers when the wind kicks up. She can smell rain in the air. If she and Micah stay out here much longer, they're going to be drenched. She doesn’t want to go inside, though. Going inside means returning to the real world; dirty dishes, Jenna’s English homework, and back to Jonas’ house.

This is the most time she’s spent alone with Micah since her memory returned. Not that she remembers those months of amnesia. She’d like to slip back into what passes for normalcy, but none of them are on sure footing. Jenna’s clingy and constantly holds her breath as if waiting to be forgotten again.

Micah’s different, too. He’s grown more confident when it comes to dealing with Jenna. Callie would try to bow out of their marriage, but something in the way those dark eyes watch her and the way he’s constantly touching her keeps her from taking that big step. It’s as if he’s actually trying to be her husband. Things are changing. It leaves Callie itchy with anticipation.

“I should get going.”

Micah reaches over, wraps long fingers around her wrist. “Stay, Cal.”

“Storm’s coming.”

White teeth gleam in the darkness. “Nothing we can’t handle.”

7: Precious & 8: Expendable (2 prompts so total is 400 words)

"Until Jonas can tell us whether or not this was a kidnapping attempt or not, you and I are going to spend the next couple of weeks away. I'll let you choose, kiddo.”

"I want to stay here with Mom." Jenna's eyes flash angrily. She just got Callie back! How can her father ask her to give her up so soon? "Are you seriously going to make me choose between you and Mom?"

"No choice." A raspy voice interrupts before Micah can respond. "Go with your dad, presh."

Jenna carefully perches on the edge of Callie’s bed. She curls her hand around her step-mother’s. “You’re awake! Do you need anything? How’s your head? Should I call the nurse?”

“Breathe, kiddo.” Callie smiles weakly. She’s more embarrassed than anything. Back in the hospital after one little bump on the head courtesy of a home intruder. Micah must think she really is helpless.

Jenna darts forward to kiss Callie’s pale forehead. "You're not really going to make me go with Dad, are you?"

"You know how precious you are to me, don't you Jenn-Lynn?"

Jenna shrugs her shoulders uncomfortably. That’s just a nickname, isn't it? Looking back on how she'd treated Callie the past couple of years, she feels pretty un-precious.

Callie squeezes Jenna's fingers. "You are the most important thing in the world to me. If something were to happen to you, it would kill me. Faster than a bullet through the heart, precious."

Micah clears a lump from his throat and places a warm hand on Callie’s shoulder. He still hasn’t recovered from seeing Callie crumpled on the floor with a masked man standing over her and his gun in Jenna’s shaking hand. He and Jenna have already had a long discussion about weapons.

“That’s twice now, Cal.” He’s angry at her for being so quick to put her life in jeopardy and angry at himself for ever making her think she’s expendable.

Callie frowns. “Forgive the girl with the concussion, but what are you talking about?”

“I know you love, Jenna. You’re the best mother a kid could ask for. You keep both of us in line.” Micah’s hand reflexively clenches around her shoulder. “That means you can’t just jump in front of flying bullets, damn it.”

“What Dad’s trying to say,” Jenna interrupts smoothly, “is that all that precious stuff you were saying earlier? It goes both ways.”

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