Friday, February 5, 2010

Prompts #13 & #15

It's not that I forgot about posting this. Except, well, maybe it is. Thermal physics really, really kicks my ass. Between that, a surprisingly easy chem class, working on TCC, and work; I've pretty much given up on sleep.
On a side note, I did start up a "full-length" story featuring Micah, Callie, Jenna, and Jonas.

13: Amends
“Micah Harkness!”

Jenna grins at her father. She’s intimately acquainted with that tone of voice and is glad it’s not directed at her for once. “You’re in trouble,” she sing-songs happily.

Callie, face flushed and eyes dark with anger, appears in the doorway. She flashes Jenna a tight smile. “Scram, precious.”

Jenna scrambles to her feet. She pats her dad on the head on her way out of the room.

“Cal, honey.”

“Don’t you ‘honey’ me, Micah.” Callie wags her finger. She opens her other hand so something sparkly dangles from her fingertips. “What’s this?”

Micah tilts his head to the side. Is this one of those trick questions where the answer’s wrong no matter what he says? “Bracelet?”

“And just how did this very pretty diamond and platinum bracelet find its way into my desk drawer?”

Micah tugs Callie into his arms and hooks his chin over her shoulder. “Can’t I spoil the wife I was a complete ass to for fourteen years?”

“I let you buy me the earrings. I told you to stop after the ring. I told you that I really meant it after the necklace. I’m going to tattoo it on your forehead this time!”

### So, prompt #5 was a bit of a personal challenge. It's all dialogue. Hope it isn't too confusing.

5: In The Mood

“Pizza? That place down the road makes the best super-veggie.”

“We had pizza two nights ago, Jenn. Save the pizza-every-night routine for when you’re in college. Trust me, it gets old fast.”

“What about shrimp? We’ve got some in the freezer and it wouldn’t take Dad long to fire up the grill. I’m willing to loosen my dietary morals for one night.”

“Oooh. Let’s skip dinner and go straight to dessert. How about those deluxe hot-fudge sundaes at Murray’s?”

“Ugh, Mom, did you not hear me complaining earlier about how my bikini isn’t fitting right? And shut up. You keep up that Carly Simon stuff, I’m shoving you in the pool.”

“You’re a very violent child, Jennifer Lynn. I blame your father.”

“Blame whomever you want. It’s not getting me fed.”

“Burgers are out, I suppose. You nearly got us banned from Big John’s Burger Shack last time. Shame, too. I love their mushroom Swiss burgers.”

“All that rare red meat? You’re lucky all I did was puke on the waiter’s shoes, Mom.”

“Time to admit we’re in a rut.”

“What about you, Dad?”

“Hmm? What’s that, sweetheart?”

“What are you in the mood for?”

“Another day just like this.”

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