Saturday, January 14, 2012

Soldiers' Angels

I enjoy volunteering. Helping people always gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling that can't be duplicated. The problem is that I don't always have time to help out when I want to, and I can't donate to every tv ad that makes me want to cry. Unfortunately, since the incident with the crazy cat a few years ago, I can't volunteer with my favorite pet rescue group either (do you know how weird it is to have a fear of strange cats when I love cats?).

I've found the perfect way to make an impact that fits in my time and money budgets. Soldiers' Angels. "May No Soldier Go Unloved" is their motto. Pretty damn simple but awesome, isn't it? From their website: Soldiers' Angels is a volunteer-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit with hundreds of thousands of volunteers providing aid and comfort to the men and women of the United States Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, veterans and their families (Tax ID# 20-058-3415).

You can sign up for the Letter Writing Team - you sign up for a certain number of names to get on your chosen days during the week and you write a deployed soldier a letter of encourgament or send them a thank you card. The idea is to let a soldier know he/she is appreciated by having their name called at mail call and receiving something that will hopefully brighten their day. If you want to do more, you can adopt a soldier. Letters once a week and a package filled with stuff from home and stuff they need. What better way to make a hero feel appreciated and loved?

There are plenty of other ways to help out. It won't break the bank and it won't take up all your time. Look for more information here.

What about you? What are your favorite ways to help out your community?

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