Saturday, January 14, 2012

Date night with Duke and Viola

From Mistress of Malice and Mercy

Sighing in disgust, Duke glanced out the window. He caught a glimpse of sand-colored fur and a short, bushy tail. “It’s a dog.”

“Dogs do not set off my radar. Not even Mrs. Pagillo’s nasty Jack Russell.” She stroked her big toe along his hairy calf. “Come on, it won’t hurt to take a look. Besides, you know ignoring your duty like this is just going to give you heartburn later.”

“It’s moving away from the parking lot. My FN is locked in the car.”

“I have a Glock 26 Gen4 and one of my birthday daggers.”

Duke’s eyes fell to the miniscule silver clutch on the edge of the table. “There is no way you have a Baby Glock in there. I have my doubts you even managed to fit a stick of gum in that thing.”

“Oh, it’s not in my purse.” A slow, satisfied smile spread across her face at the way his nostrils flared and his pupils dilated. His hand rose to signal the waitress. “If you’re a very good boy, I’ll show you later.”

“Good? I thought it was bad boys you had a thing for, sugar.”

Viola smiled apologetically at the waitress while Duke signed the credit slip for their appetizers and drinks. Once she was out of earshot, Vi hooked her fingers into the crook of Duke’s elbow. “I admit I have a Tracker fetish. All the more reason for you to move it, buster. Let’s see if your shoulder really is healed enough to stop using the sling.”

“Sweetness,” he sighed warningly, “you called Doc Luna and the therapist. They both told you that it was fine.”

“I’ll be watching you.” She tapped the side of her head. If she felt even the slightest twinge of pain from him, she was going to wrestle his arm back in to the sling.

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