Thursday, March 10, 2011

On Demons

In Mistress of Malice and Mercy  (the not-quite-complete last book in the Family Lies trilogy) there is a demon called the Drifdan/Chaisan.  I was asked recently where I got my motivation for them.  While, I admit that I honestly do not know where (or do not want to admit where) the demons in the series come from, this one is pretty easy to answer:

See the fangs on that sucker?  Holy crap!  Like the demons in MMM, she's a keltpo.  If it crinkles or rattles or jingles, it's hers.  Heaven forbid it crinkle and be shiny.  That's her mid-yawn, by the way, she's not trying to attack anyone.  Also, the demons are quite vain - Vi uses a mirror to distract them.  Where did that come from?  The klepto kitty who stares at herself in the mirror all the time.  Yes, I serenade her with the Carly Simon song all the time.

So... there you have it.  Inspiration can come from anywhere - even Subway bag stealing, yawning cats.

What's your inspiration?


  1. You left out their penchant for plastic balls with bells inside they can prance around with sounding like a miniature horse drawn sleigh until they can con someone into throwing it for us to chase!

  2. Felines are evil. I've said it before and I'll say it again! Female Felines are the worst! They scratch on the way down your throat when you eat them, they climb all over everything, shed fur everywhere and believe "they" are the Lordlings deserving to be served by all creatures great and small. They don't even taste good!
    Male Felines...should just be ashamed of themselves.
    Also, Chai still owes me five bucks from last weeks poker game. I don't believe I will be seeing it, either.
    Thanks for a wonderful story, Kara! May your voice continue to ring true throughout the realm!