Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Project

No, no, put down the pitchforks. I am still toiling daily working on MMM, but the muse (like me) is fickle. This idea is one that has been bouncing around in my skull for over a year. I wanted to wait until I was finished with the Network-verse to start this, but I realized I may never be finished with the Network. I simply love it too much.

My project's working title is Cordelia Finn's Guide to Saving the Universe (Without Sacrificing Your Sense of Style). Yeah, it's long. I'm working on that. :) It has aliens, spoiled socialites, goofball younger brothers, and did I mention aliens? Sci-fi... here I come!

Oh, what's that? You want a preview? Of course I can ram one down your throat give you one:

"This is not a booty call!"

Tad Jennings gaped at the red-faced, flashing-eyed blonde whirlwind pushing past him into the condo. She looked like his Cordelia Finn, but he couldn't be sure. She could have been cloned or had an emergency lobotomy or a chip implanted in her skull. He'd seen far, far stranger things.

"I mean it," she continued when he failed to respond. Her finger, short nails painted a pale pink, tapped the end of his nose. "It's what all the rags are going to say this is, and I know you have the tendency to believe the hype."

"I do not!" Tad protested. The sharp, sculpted cheeks that had melted the panties of women all over the world flushed a bright red. He let the door swing shut before his neighbors heard any more fodder for the gossip magazines.

Her pink lips, not collagen-enhanced like more than one snide columnist had suggested, smirked. She lowered her hand to Tad's chest, smoothed a crease on his yellow linen shirt. "Oh, so it wasn't you who called last week to ask whether or not you were engaged to Molly Atwood?"

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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