Tuesday, October 5, 2010

WotD 10/5/10: Summer 2002 (Viola, Olivia, Sebastian)

Word of the Day Challenge 10/5/10
Word: Teem: verb;
1. To abound or swarm; be prolific or fertile.
2. To empty or pour out; discharge
Timeline: Summer 2002 (Viola, Sebastian, Olivia)

Viola’s head spun. She squeezed her eyes shut and clutched the edge of the wrought iron table tightly. Every nerve ending was screaming. She shivered despite the morning heat. From the moment they’d stepped foot into New Orleans’ Hotel Provincial, her ghost-dar had been on overdrive.

“Are you okay, Vi?” Olivia dropped her linen napkin into her lap and patted her sister’s hand. She’d talked Sebastian into stopping the search for their father for a couple of nights so they could recharge. The beautiful, historic hotel was a welcome respite from the usual chain motel. She’d enjoyed a leisurely swim in the pool before burying her head in the feather pillow. Though they’d each gotten separate rooms, she knew Sebastian had gone to bed early and assumed Viola did the same. Why then did Viola look like she’d pulled an all-nighter?

“No,” Viola rasped.

“What’s wrong?” Sebastian tensed, eyes darting around the room for a threat.

“Next time you two want to take a little break,” she panted, opening her eyes just long enough to catch a glimpse of the four Civil War soldiers standing at attention behind the table, “can you pick a place that isn’t teeming with ghosts?”

Note: The hotel mentioned does exist and is said to be haunted. Link to their website, if you're interested, is here.

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  1. I really liked this one! There are so many years that aren't covered by Glide Like Ghosts or the main stories - what were those crazy kids up to for all those years? You do so much with only 200 words and some downright odd "words."