Monday, October 25, 2010

WotD 10/25/10: Summer 2002 (Viola, Olivia)

Word of the day 10/25/2010
Word: Juju: noun;
1. An object superstitiously believed to embody magical powers.
2. The power associated with a juju.

Timeline: Summer 2002 (Viola, Olivia)

“Please?” Viola clasped her hands together. She puffed out her lower lip and did her best to look utterly pathetic.

Olivia was unmoved. “No.”

“Pretty, pretty, please?”


“Just for a second. I promise. I just want to look around.”

Olivia shook her head resolutely. “Don’t you think demons, ghosts, crazy blood rituals, and Sebastian are enough to deal with? We don’t need you messing around with voodoo juju and making thing worse.”

“I won’t buy anything. I swear.”

“Not going to happen, kiddo.” Olivia shuddered at the mere thought of entering the store. Superstitious by nature, she avoided black cats, open ladders, and breaking mirrors. She didn’t understand how the voodoo rituals worked and wasn’t going to risk accidentally cursing herself.

“You’re no fun, Liv.” Viola scowled at her sister. She was glad to be out of the ghost-infested hotel because her headache was finally going away, but she’d wanted to see more than art museums. Since the cemeteries were off-limits due to her temporary ghost-restriction, the store had seemed like a good choice.

“I’ll talk Sebastian into letting you drive all the way to Pensacola.”

“And I get to pick out the next hotel and dinner?”



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