Monday, March 9, 2009

Product Review - Quaker True Delights

I got a sample of the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond True Delights from Quaker in the mail and held out for a couple of days before giving into temptation and eating it. My opinion is... mixed.

1) It had nice chocolate chunks on the top which are definitely a plus. I hate products that claim to have chocolate but my tastebuds say otherwise.

2) It was chewy without being too hard or sticking to my teeth.

3) There were a couple of almond pieces which added a nice crunch. I wish there had been a couple of more, but all in all, not bad.

4) There was cinnamon in it, which I didn't like one bit. Maybe my tastebuds are too sensitive, but it really took something away from how the bar should have tasted. I don't think cinnamon has a place in a bar like that. It overpowered the raspberry flavor - in fact, I didn't taste much raspberry at all.

So... will I buy a box of those bars? Probably not. Am I willing to try another flavor? You betcha.


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