Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sometimes It Is Rocket Science

Why is it that whenever I rearrange my priority shedule, and then announce it to everyone, that I change my mind?

Remember when I said Rocket Science was on the backburner?  Yeah, seems I was wrong about that one.  The story is due for publication by the end of August 2013, pending final edits and a cover makeover.  I do have a few advanced copies available for those who wish one.

For those of you new to Rocket Science, here's a blurb:

More comfortable in the lab than in the boardroom, genius engineer Georgiana Collier has been floundering in her role as CEO of her late father's company. Raising her teenaged brother isn't easy, either. Ever since a fatal car accident he spends his days in a depressed fog and nightmares hamper any attempt at sleep. When her mentor Dan Norwood has a heart attack and members of her board start to conspire against her, she fears a nervous breakdown is on the horizon.

Called back to Houston after his father's heart attack, playboy computer whiz Robert Norwood knows he's going to have his hands full relocating the company's main office and keeping his father from having another attack. He doesn't expect an automated house with his dead mother's voice or the rush of desire he feels when faced with childhood friend Georgiana Collier. His plans to win Georgiana's cautious heart are threatened by his reputation as a ladykiller and a murderous business rival.

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