Wednesday, October 17, 2012

MMM & Vacation

Here's a Mistress of Malice and Mercy snippet before I go on vacation.  I'm spending one day in New Orleans before I head up to my brother's wedding.  Expect to be bombarded with pictures.  Apologies in advance.  :)

I am going on a ghost tour in New Orleans and am staying in a haunted hotel.  I plan on touring several cemeteries.  Unlike Viola, I have no desire to spend time with ghosts, so I expect to get almsot no sleep while I'm there.  If you happen to see a hotel room with all the lights on at three in the morning, that'll be me.

MMM - Chapter Thirty-Nine

“You’re not half wrong.”  She hooked her ankle around his calf and wriggled until she was plastered against his side.  “I could stay here, like this, forever.”


“We’re in a cemetery.”


Soft laughter floated on the breeze.  “J’rain and Temek don’t mind.  They’ve peacefully moved on.”


“I wasn’t worried about them.”


Her fingers skipped across his waist until they reached his belt buckle.  She traced the engraving for a moment before deliberately slipping southward.  “You know, back when I was in high school I had this recurring fantasy.  I’d sneak out of the house and you’d follow me and we’d argue and then you’d…”


He snatched her hand up and tucked it against his chest.  “We are not making out in the cemetery, Viola.”


“You’re no fun.”


He kissed her fingertips, moved his lips to the pulse fluttering at her wrist.  “I’ll make it up to you.”


“You’d better.”

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