Monday, February 13, 2012

Daughter of Deception Free at Amazon for next 3 Days

Happy Monday, y'all.

Daughter of Deception is free at Amazon for the next 3 days here

Here's a snippet from Mistress of Malice and Mercy in honor of Valentine's Day Eve.
- - -
When he spoke again, Duke took the time to chose his words carefully. They didn’t have time for another fight. “I hate that I can’t go with you. I hate that this is something I can’t protect you from. I hate that this is necessary, but I don’t hate you for going. You’re going because you’re you.” He pressed a quick kiss to the top of her head. “My brash, brave, responsible-and-dependable-despite-the-blase-Goth-exterior- Viola.”

“You make me sound like a used sedan. ‘A few dings and the radio doesn’t work, but it’ll get you where you need to go.’”

“I don’t think of you as a sedan, sweetness. You’re more like a Humvee. And no, it isn’t a dig about the two stacks of pancakes you had for breakfast,” he said, catching the thought before she could blast him. “You roll over everything in your path and you kick ass.”

“Thank you. Maybe.”

Both stiffened at the sound of approaching vehicles. Despite the chair’s warning creak, Viola shifted so that she was straddling Duke’s lap. She buried her fingers in his short hair and fused her lips to his. She poured every ounce of love and regret she could into the kiss before lack of oxygen made her head spin.

“Take your vitamins. Don’t drink the water. Listen to Tom.” Duke tucked a wisp of auburn hair behind her ear and rubbed his thumb along her bottom lip. “Stay warm. Keep your gun with you. Come home to me.”

She arched an eyebrow. “Stay safe. Stay at Burkeholt. Don’t do anything to your shoulder.”


Heavy footsteps approached. “Oh, hell, guys,” Sebastian groaned. “This is one thing I’m not going to miss while Vi’s gone.”

“I am,” Duke said.

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