Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Giveaway Winners

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was a ton of fun: pool volleyball with the family, fajitas, card games, my cousin's graduation, watching my brother change a tire in the parking lot at A&M after graduation, more pool volleyball, a lot of wine...

Now for the part everyone's been waiting for - the winners of the Daughter of Deception and The Chaos Child giveaway.
Congratulations to Kelley C and Steph for winning a copy of the first two books in the series!

Thanks to everyone who entered!

I realize that I've been posting teasers for Mistress of Malice and Mercy but there are those who haven't read The Chaos Child. Here's a teaser from that book:

Viola Ashwood Duke yanked the thick brown sweater over her head as soon as the front door swung shut behind her. She tossed it on top of the heavy down jacket thrown over the back of the couch. Her plan to surprise Duke by catching an earlier flight had been ruined the moment he heard her mental grumblings about airport security. Finding him waiting for her with the warm grin that never failed to weaken her knees, though, more than made up for the disappointment.

"It’s freakin’ cold in Connecticut!"

"Thought you, being part Yankee and all, were warmer-blooded?" Duke teased, using one of her favorite arguments against her.

"Bite me." Viola glared at him as she pulled brown leather gloves out of the pockets of her jeans. The blissful smile on her face counteracted the heat of her retort. Sweet mercy, it was good to be home.

Before she could blink, she was tugged into the warm circle of Duke’s arms. He nipped at her neck playfully. "Don’t mind if I do, sweetness."

Hearing a faint crash from the vicinity of Duke’s office, Viola jerked out of his embrace and reached for the tranquilizer gun strapped beneath the side table. She flicked the safety off with her thumb and checked to make sure a dart was loaded. Whatever demon thought it necessary to ruin her reunion was going to be so very sorry.

Duke watched Viola’s quick, efficient motions with unadulterated admiration. Women who could handle weapons were one of his weaknesses. The glint of determination and glee in her eyes pulled him out of his lust-induced haze. "It’s just your brother, sugar. That’s his car you saw parked in the drive. Becky said she sent you a text about him this morning."

Viola’s grin stretched from ear to ear. She rolled her shoulders, toed off her sneakers, and tiptoed towards the office. Duke wrapped an arm around her waist and hefted her over his shoulder.

"Oh no, sweetness. I didn’t spend the better part of six hours restraining myself just so you could waltz in and shoot the bastard."

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