Friday, April 15, 2011

On Music... Soundtrack Fridays

I love music. No, really, I do. If the sound of my voice didn't make small children cry and dogs howl, my career path might have gone a completely different way. I'm crap at the piano, but I could still play a few songs on the flute if asked. I always have the radio playing at work, in the car, anywhere I can.

As I've said on a few writing sites, I don't create playlists for books, really. I create them for characters. They can contain what I think would be the character's favorite songs as well as songs that describe the character. These playlists are amazing when it comes time to writing from that character's perspective. There's just something about music that puts you in a certain mood.

I mention music quite a bit in the Family Lies series. Viola is a music junkie and Duke has his favorite bands. For the next couple of months or so I'm going to put up a few songs from my personal soundtracks on Fridays and explain why I chose them or where they pop up in the book.

In The Chaos Child, Viola hums a song while going through her father's diaries. Many of you have guessed the song correctly, but a few weren't sure. Well... here you go, enjoy a little flashback:

Now, I said I make character playlists, but every now and then I find a song that speaks for the whole book. In this case, I think the song works for the whole series.

What song are you listening to?

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  1. What a cool idea! This week I am listening to Matt Nathanson's new single Faster.