Friday, December 10, 2010

Covers, Real Life, Crashed Computers, and Other Annoying Things

Aside from the football story earlier in the week, I know I've been absent lately. I apologize. It's not laziness, I promise. I really do have a few good excuses:
     1) My computer crashed Monday night. It was a momentary scare, but eventually I got everything back.
     2) TCC edits! I finally finished!
     3) WWII interview transcripts - I was given three new tapes at Thanksgiving and I needed to work on them because a) the money is nice around the holidays and b) the interviews were done in June and the museum needed the transcripts
     4) Work. It sucks, but it's a necessary evil.
     5)  I've been working on the SKOW prompt (Twelve Days of Christmas) - it's fun, but a lot of work because I didn't want to use any of my "established" characters.
     6) Cover! The cover for The Chaos Child is finally done (thank you I.D.). It's below. I wanted something fairly simple that would shrink well. I think it's nice. What do you think?

There 's a long list of things I need to do this weekend, but don't worry.  I haven't disappeared.

Also, since TCC is going to be up at Amazon and Smashwords very soon, I plan on doing a contest here for several free copies so I've been working on that.  Look for it sometime after the 15th.
What you can do for me:

I'm going to do a series of holiday-themed Viola/Duke drabbles.  Just leave a comment with something you'd like to see and I'll post them before Christmas.  If you don't want Viola/Duke, that's cool, too.  I can do Aaron in a Santa hat, Sebastian trying to wrap Christmas presents, and Olivia losing her temper in a shopping mall.

Let me know your thoughts on the cover.

Have a wonderful weekend!

PS:  If you're looking for a great holiday read, check out Samantha Hunter's I'll Be Yours for Christmas - racing, characters who don't whine or act like jackasses, and my favorite "frenemies to lovers" type of storyline.  So good, I'm reading it again... at work... on my iphone... shhhh... don't tell anyone!


  1. I'd love to see something with Viola and one of her siblings - maybe Olivia 'cause I love her.