Thursday, September 30, 2010

WotD - 9-30-10 (D/V Spring 2000)

So, I started a new challenge at the writing group - am only going to do it for October (and today, obviously). We get the Word of the Day from and then write a 200 word short on it. I'm going to do all of mine Network-related (mostly Duke & Viola with some other characters and maybe a couple Jeremy and Celia)

Here's today's...

Word of the Day Challenge – 9/30/10
Word: lucifugous: adj. Avoiding light
Timeframe: Spring 2000 (D/V)

“Turn off your flashlight!” Viola whispered urgently, thin fingers digging into the flesh of Duke’s forearm.

Startled by the vehemence of her order, he pressed the button so they were once again in utter darkness. He could feel welts from her fingernails forming, but didn’t move out of her grasp. They were in a part of Houston he’d never been to before hunting down a pair of demons he’d never heard of before. The last thing he wanted to do was lose his trainee. “I can’t see a damn thing, Vi.”

“Didn’t you read the book Granny gave us? Iinas are lucifugous.” Viola relaxed. Memorizing the research materials had been a good idea after all. She wouldn’t embarrass herself on her first ‘solo’ assignment with Duke.

“I didn’t know what it meant then, and I sure as hell don’t know what it has to do with stumbling around in the dark like an idiot.”

“It means they avoid light. Keeping that flashlight on would have scared them off.”

“Oh.” Though he couldn’t see her, he was certain Viola was smirking. He wanted to shove her in the nearest garbage can.

“Maybe next time you’ll help me study for my SATs.”

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