Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chaos Child preview

So... The Chaos Child isn't coming to me linearly (yeah, that does look weird, doesn't it?). It doesn't help that this story is actually the one that started the entire 'verse. I'm picking through my old notes and trying to take out the things that still work (Duke was originally a very minor character and Sebastian was less of a jerk).

Most of chapter one is done. This is a snippet from the second chapter:

A loud crash from the vicinity of Duke's office has Viola jerking out of Duke's embrace and reaching for the tranq gun tucked underneath the side table. She flicks the safety off with her thumb and checks to make sure a dart is loaded. Whatever demon thought it necessary to ruin her reunion is going to be so very sorry.

Duke watches Viola's quick, efficient motions with unadulerated admiration. He's a sucker for women who can handle weapons. The glint of determination and glee in her eyes pulls him out of his lust-induced haze. "It's just your brother, sugar."

Viola's grin stretches from ear to ear. She rolls her shoulders and toes off her sneakers. She tiptoes stealthily towards the office. Duke wraps an arm around her middle and hefts her over his shoulder.

"Oh no, sweetness. I didn't spend the better part of six hours restraining myself just so you could waltz in and shoot the bastard."

I just love Vi and Duke - it's romance but not mushy.

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