Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cold Fronts

I simply adore cold fronts. Really, I do. I love that blast of chilly air and an excuse to wear my favorite jacket.
Actually, as most people who know me know already, fall and winter are my favorite seasons. Living in Houston, though, there really is only one season. Fanter? Finter? Falnter? Whatever.

I love the smells and flavors - nutmeg and cinnamon and all those lovely spices. I love Christmas music - am listening to it right now as a matter of fact.

Let's face it, from October 1st, when I get to drag out my Halloween decorations, until after the New Year, I'm happy as can be.

Except for the whole Christmas present shopping thing. Not so much fun there.

In other, not so random news, I've started a new story that has potential. So, to keep myself from ruining it, I'm not going to share any details with you. Have written two holiday-themed NaCl shorts - one is Halloween and one is for Christmas.

Got Avery's presents in and I love them. Have a list of what I'm getting everyone else (sucks to be doing my family's exchange at Thanksgiving!) just have to actually, you know, go buy it.

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